4 Commercial Applications for SmogHog ESP Systems

Parker Hannifin’s electrostatic precipitator technology is superior to the other brands out on the market today. This is due to many years spent in research and development to produce the best ESP systems out there. But what industries use this technology to deliver superior air quality in its workshops and workplaces? This ESP technology is used to remove three major categories of contaminants:

Commercial Kitchen Emission Control

The most common (and popular) use of the SmogHog ESP technology is used for commercial kitchen emission control. Using electrostatic precipitator technology is excellent to help collect particles of smoke, grease, ash, and sometimes even scent, out of the commercial kitchen cooking process. This is especially important when these systems are installed in locations with multiple businesses packed into the same area such as mall food courts, high-rise-buildings, casinos, stadiums, and much more.

CNC Machining

Modern CNC machines used in manufacturing processes across many industries use little routers that spin at tremendous speeds in order to easily cut through materials such as wood and metals to produce the products we need. But these high speeds generate a lot of friction and therefore a lot of heat that must be managed by spraying the cutting tool with a lubricated mist or oil to keep it cool during the cutting process. The byproducts of this process are mist or smoke that can be harmful to you or the environment and must be processed in order to make it clean and harmless to all.

Situation with a need for industrial air pollution control in San Jose, CA

Plastics Processing

Plastics production from extrusion, cutting, compression, and injection molding produces smoke, and plastics processing such as from cutting, grinding, drilling, machining produces fine plastics dust. Both of these contaminants must be mitigated. Smoke from plastics production processes and plastics dust can be very dangerous if the contaminants are not removed properly.

Other Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes such as laser cutting and etching, welding, and soldering, all produce irritating and sometimes harmful smoke and dust during the manufacturing process. The ESP systems from Parker Hannifin are great options to remove the fine mist, smoke, and dust produced by them.

Do You Need Commercial Contaminant Control with an ESP System?

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