4 Qualities of a Smog Hog Dust Collector Parts Company

There are a lot of DustHog dust collector parts companies out there, so how do you select the best one to provide parts and dust media filtration products for your dust collection system? Here are four qualities to look for in a superior dust collector parts company:

Provides Filter Replacement and Exchange Services

They provide filter exchange services, coming out to your location to remove and dispose of the used filtration media and replacing it with new media. They also inspect the DustHog unit to make sure that it is working efficiently to remove the dust and other particulates from the air.

Stocks a Complete Line of Dust Media Filtration Products

A superior dust collector parts company for DustHog branded commercial air filtration systems stocks a complete line of dust media filtration products for your specific industry and special needs.

Dust media filtration products installer

Because the filtration requirements differ across industries, the company understands that the replacement filters for applications such as abrasive blasting, woodworking, and cement production are going to be very different than those required for industries such as pharmaceutical production and food processing. An excellent dust collector parts company understands the requirements for these filters and makes sure that the filters they provide meet the requirements for that particular industry.

They also stock filters for all different types of DustHog products, from the Plug-n-Play Cartridges for the PNP product line, to the Ceiling Mount dust collectors, and interior and exterior replacement cyclone filters for all sizes of the C Series collectors.

Provides Superior Customer Service

An excellent dust collector parts company provides superior customer service. They communicate with their customers making sure that they are aware of costs, times of service, and any issues that might arise during the service call.

Understands the Technology

The service technicians of a superior DustHog dust collector parts company have an in-depth understanding of all of the DustHog systems out on the market, and know how they are supposed to work in the customer’s industry and environment. They know how to identify problems with the air filtration system, troubleshoot the causes of these problems, and recommend solutions for them.

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