5 Components of a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

A good commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system has several key components that are essential in order to make sure that it does its job well. Here are five of those critical components:

1– Hood

The hood sits right above the stove burners and fans pull the smoke into the duct work and into the filtration equipment. This is the entrance point into the commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system. Most hoods also use a grease filter.
Commercial kitchen exhaust filtration in San Jose, CA

2 – Ductwork

The design of the ducting for a commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system is critical. This is the route that the contaminated air is pulled through into a filtration system. Ductwork needs to have access in order to be able to clean it easily, and less ductwork leading to the filtration unit is better than a complex configuration with many twists and turns.

3 – Filtration Equipment

The filtration equipment is a critical part of the kitchen exhaust filtration system. It could be an electrostatic precipitator that uses a series of ESP filter modules. Some exhaust filtration systems use an odor control module to help remove annoying smells from the airflow.

4 – Fans/Blowers

The fans/blowers are the part of the system that pulls the smoke and contaminated air into the ductwork, as well as push the clean, filtered air out the exhaust ports. These fans also may include what is called a “make-up” fan. These fans are designed to pump air back into your cooking area to make sure that there is a steady flow of clean air moving through the area.

5 – Fire Suppression System

Most good commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems have some sort of fire suppression feature. Since fires in or near the ductwork are a common issue with in commercial kitchen exhaust systems, this is mandatory in most areas.

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