5 Features of the Smog-Hog PSG Series of Commercial Cooking Exhaust Systems

The Smog-Hog PSG series commercial cooking exhaust systems are some of the most popular products we offer at Matrix Systems. Here are a few of the features that our customers like about them.

Flexibility for Installation

The Smog-Hog PSG series has a huge selection of configurations and sizes that make this series ideal for virtually any building design and function requirement. Our commercial cooking exhaust systems can be mounted above the ceiling, on top of a building, inside a mechanical room or through exterior walls.

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The Smog Hog can also be installed using minimal ducting which ultimately saves money by limiting the amount of heavy-gage, welded exhaust ducting needed in the installation.

Superior Electrostatic Precipitation Efficiency

Smog-Hog ESP systems remove mist, smoke and fumes with over 95% efficiency. This keeps the air surrounding your operation clean. Unlike bag or box filters that remove only the largest particles, the Smog-Hog ESP collectors electrically charges both large and microscopic contaminants, and then strips them from the air stream by collecting them on grounded collection plates.

Reusable Collection Cells

The aluminum collection cells used in all Smog-Hog PSG systems remove all of the hazardous pollutants resulting from kitchen emissions, without having to replace and dispose of filters. This saves a lot of money spent for ongoing operating and maintenance costs because these collection cells are easy to clean and reuse.

Detergent Tank

Installing the self-contained detergent tank—with an integral mounted pump–allows you to use concentrated detergents, such as the Smog-Hog SP7 detergent, to clean the aluminum collection cells as needed for commercial and industrial applications with minimal human intervention.

Flexibility for Control Panel Installation

The control panel options for the Smog-Hog PSG series can consist of a single control panel or separate control panels to handle all operation of the equipment. These panels can also be mounted remotely, or as part of a building maintenance system.

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