Why Buy a Commercial PNP Dust Collection & Air Filtration System

There are many different commercial dust collectors available on the market today, and many different designs even within the DustHog product line. But why would you select a PNP series dust collection system?

The DustHog PNP (Plug-n-Play) series dust collection system is a popular option for businesses that also need to deal with fumes generated by thermal operations such as welding and laser/plasma cutting jobs in addition to other more common types of dust. It also is a preferred choice for industrial applications such as bulk powders, fiberglass and stone dust.

DustHog PNP dust collection system Sacramento, CA

Here are some other reasons to consider the purchase of a DustHog PNP series commercial dust collector:

1  Easy to Use

The blower and filter cleaning system of Parker’s DustHog PNP dust collectors is controlled by an integrated touch screen. When the unit has to be cleaned or maintained, this controller sounds an alert. Furthermore compatible with remote alarms is the DustHog PNP.

2  Innovative Filter Technology

The DustHog PNP series uses Protura® DH nanofiber technology a highly efficient membrane that prevents dust from penetrating the pores of the filter and clogging them. This works well with the DustHog pulse cleaning technology and keeps the air pressure consistent and extends the life of the filter.

3  Simple Airflow Control

The DustHog PNP has airflow controls that can adjust the speed of the fan as needed, and only when needed, which saves a considerable amount of energy over time.

4  Easy to Maintain

Not only does the DustHog PNP notify you via the touch screen of the unit’s maintenance needs, but also has with easy access to the filter and dust collection drawer without the use of any tools.

5  Many Options Available

The PNP dust collector has many options to help make the DustHog dust collection system work perfectly within your environment.

Is the DustHog PNP Commercial Dust Collector Right for Your Plant?

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