6 Benefits of the DustHog C Series Cyclone Dust Collector

Parker Hannifin’s DustHog line of industrial dust collectors has been the market leader for a long time. Because DustHog is one of the most recognized names globally for safely removing dust from many industrial processes such as buffing, woodworking, grinding, machining, polishing, and producing fiberglass and plastics, to name a few. But what is the best DustHog product for handling large to moderate-size particles? The DustHog C Series Cyclone is often used as the first line of filtration for these processes, collecting the big particles that would clog up filters designed for smaller particles.

DustHog cyclone dust collection system in San Jose, CA

1 – Energy Efficient

The C Series Cyclone is designed to move the most air with the lowest horsepower to save energy.

2 – Designed with Safety in Mind

Some industries have work processes that can generate dust or particles that might be explosive under certain conditions. The DustHog Cyclone dust collector can add an explosion relief vent to help protect your employees and equipment.

3 – Numerous Options and Add-Ons

In addition to explosion proof vents, the DustHog Cyclone has numerous other add-ons and options to consider, such as:

4 – Durable Construction

The C-Series Cyclone industrial dust collector uses fully welded, stainless steel construction with a powder-coated finish to allow the cyclone to handle even the most challenging jobs.

5 – Many Uses Across Multiple Industries

Many different industries integrate C Series Cyclone industrial dust collectors into their processes. Some of these include:

6 – Many Air Discharge Options

You can connect the Cyclone industrial dust collector to a second dust collector to improve the efficiency of the units’ captured contaminants. Or capture debris in 30 or 55-gallon drums or a 60 or 110-foot hopper.

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