6 Industrial Applications for SmogHog ESP Systems

SmogHog, the world’s leading brand of commercial electrostatic precipitator systems, uses its superior ESP efficiency–a single pass SmogHog unit removes up to 95% of .3 μm particles, and a double pass boosts this efficiency to over 97%–to dominate many industries that have a specific need for air pollution control.

1 – Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is commonly known as sandblasting is used today in a number of different ways, most commonly for cleaning boat hulls, brick, stone, concrete and other metallic items and structures. Because of this, the dust created by the abrasives and the particles being blasted away needs to be managed and an ESP system is one of the best ways to do this.

2 – Cement

Cement production, especially that when manufacturing cement block, produces a lot of dust that needs to be mitigated. Some of this dust can be very hot during the firing process in a kiln, and may even be explosive if not handled properly.

Cement factory in need of industrial ESP cleaning services near San Francisco

3 – Commercial Cooking

Probably the best-known use of the SmogHog electrostatic precipitator is for managing commercial kitchen grease and smoke. The ESP process, when combined with an automatic ESP cell washer, manages grease and smoke from even solid fuel cooking such as steakhouses, grills, and open fire pizza restaurants.

4 – Metalworking

Breathing any kind of metal dust is extremely hazardous. As a result, any metalworking functions need to have some sort of air filtration system in place. Electrostatic precipitators are particularly effective at removing metallic contaminants from the air stream, including dust and smoke created by the metalworking process.

5 – Pharmaceutical

Many chemicals used in the production of perfectly safe medications once they have been compounded, can be deadly if the dust and smoke are not mitigated properly. An ESP unit tends to be more effective in capturing these tiny particles than even the best filter-based systems.

6 – Plastics Processing

Numerous studies have proven time and time again that the dust and smoke created by the plastics processing activities are hazardous to both your health and the environment, and the SmogHog ESP systems are used widely by plastics processing companies to remain compliant with all environmental and OSHA regulations.

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