7 Critical Smog Hog Parts That You Should Keep in Stock

To keep your UAS or Smog-Hog system operational at all times, it is a good idea to keep some of these commonly needed spare Smog-Hog parts on hand in order to minimize down time.

Matrix SP7 Detergent

It never hurts to keep a couple of 5-gallon pails of Matrix SP7 Detergent on hand for your Smog-Hog, UAS and Trion units. Keeping your units clean keeps them working efficiently.

Smog Hog parts in an electrostatic precipitator in Oakland, CAPicture

Power Pack Transformer (Power Supply)

The Power Pack Transformer (UAS part number 21-1216) is a replacement power supply (positive and UL recognized) for the SG, SH and SHN series air cleaners. This high-voltage power supply is located in an external electrical box and has a proprietary design that is limited to less than 5 milliamps of current. This current limited design protects both the power supply and components in a dead short condition. The power consumption is a maximum of 75 watts.

Be aware if you replace a Smog-Hog power supply that has an incandescent indicator light, that you need to upgrade to a LED indicator light. There are two options available. One option is an LED bulb that goes into the original light socket or you can replace the light socket with a Green LED bulb that looks identical to those in new Smog-Hog units.

If replacing a black Smog-Hog power supply, confirm that the step transformer can handle the load needed for your unit. The old black power supplies required only 50 VA. The new power supplies require 75 VA and you may need to replace the step transformer as well.

Power Pack LED Indicator Light

The Power Pack LED Indicator Light (part number 02-10561-G) is critical because the green LED remains lit when the power supply is operating correctly. If it is not lit, this indicates that there is a problem that needs to be resolved. Most of the time the power pack LED indicator goes out if the unit detects ionizer voltages of less than 10KV and cell voltages under 3.5KV.

Flat Head Door Locks

Flat Head Door Locks (part number 39-10012-0001) periodically wear out and need to be replaced to make sure that the unit continues to operate safely.

Door Seal

Also known as an Edge Gasket (Buna-AP), the door seal (part number 42-0168) is important to keep access points to the Smog-Hog units–especially the heavy-duty mist collector systems–sealed and safe.

Ionizer Contact Springs

This Contact Spring (part number 36-0068) is specifically for the ionizer for most Smog-Hog units.

Contact Springs

These Contact Springs (part number 36-0012) are used for many different Smog-Hog and UAS units as springs for cell contact or grounding springs for the door.

Looking for Smog-Hog, UAS or Dust Collector Parts?

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