7 More Uses of the DustHog Dust Collection System for Air Pollution Control

Because industrial dust collection systems appear in so many manufacturing and fabrication industries, here is another article providing more details on how DustHog industrial dust collection systems can be used.

Paper mill needs dust collection system in San Francisco

1 – Ceramics (DustHog SDC Series)

Any projects dealing with ceramics produce fine silica dust that you cannot expel from your lungs. The dust is too fine and heavy and can scar the lungs and even cause silicosis (a fatal disease) if it is inhaled often enough. So it is critical to have an industrial dust collection system, such as the DustHog SDC Series of dust collectors, anywhere where you use ceramics or clay.

2 – Food Processing (DustHog SDC, V-Series)

The food processing industry purchases a significant number of industrial dust collection systems. Because so many different types of food produce dust that is hazardous to your health or (in some cases) explosive, food dust must be mitigated. Some of the common types of food dust to manage include:

3 – Pulp & Paper (DustHog SDC Series, MIB Series)

Pulp and paper production produces paper, tissue, and cardboard dust that can cause lung irritation, allergic reactions, and occupational asthma. This dust is also combustible and an explosion hazard. Cyclone dust extraction systems are often used to handle large cardboard and paper dust particles and then are supplemented by dust collectors that can control the finer dust particles.

4 – Cement & Stone (DustHog V-Series, SFC-Series)

Exposure to cement dust can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and upper respiratory system. But the chemicals in cement dust may cause the skin anywhere from moderate irritation to severe skin damage from chemical burns. The silica contained within cement dust also can lead to lung injuries, including silicosis and lung cancer.

5 – Metalworking (DustHog V Series, SFC Series MCB-Series, SCB-Series)

Dust produced from metalworking tasks such as grinding, polishing, welding, etc., is some of the most dangerous dust out there. Prolonged exposure to metal dust can cause diseases such as Black Lung and Siderosis. All metalworking tasks should use some form of an industrial dust collection system.

6 – CNC Machining (DustHog V Series)

CNC machining operations produce a lot of dust, smoke, and sometimes, vapor. The material you are using the CNC machine on can reveal the extent of danger to you. But all CNC machining operations should use some sort of dust collection system.

7 – Fiberglass (DustHog PnP)

Fiberglass dust can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat. Breathing fiberglass dust can aggravate existing asthma, bronchitis and cause coughing and wheezing. For these reasons alone, it is vital to manage fiberglass dust within your work environment. The tiny profile of fiberglass is hard to capture for many other DustHog product lines. Still, Protura DH nanofiber’s use in the DustHog Plug-in-Play and the availability of safety after filters, the PnP Series is the best option for eliminating fiberglass dust.

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