8 Benefits of Installing a SmogHog Electrostatic Precipitator

Parker Hannifin’s SmogHog brand of electrostatic precipitators has been the market leader for a long time. Because SmogHog is one of the most recognized names in the world for safely removing smoke, mist, fumes, and dust from many industries. But why has SmogHog been the industry leader in EPS technology for so long? Because of these benefits.

Parker Hannifin’s SmogHog SHN & SGN industrial air solutions in San Jose

1 – Eliminates Hazardous Pollutants

Using SmogHog’s leading-edge ESP technology, the electrostatic precipitator captures pollutants from smoke, fumes, mist, and dust safely and produces clean air that will exceed all EPA and OSHA requirements.

2 – Reduces Environmental Impact

Barrier filters are not only costly but are bad for the environment. Avoid adding these filters to landfills by purchasing reusable electrostatic precipitator collection components, which can be removed, cleaned, and replaced when necessary. Combining ESP cells with Matrix’s non-toxic, bio-degradable SP7C ESP detergent makes this an environmentally friendly way to produce clean air.

3 – Superior to Other Filtration Methods

Barrier filters are not as reliable as the ESP process. Electrostatic precipitators use ionized plates to attract the contaminates to cause them to stick to the capture plates, pulling them out of the airflow completely and allowing the ESP to continue cleaning air with the same efficiency as it did when the process started.

4 – Reduces Energy Costs

Because SmogHog ESP systems do not use a barrier filter, it does not require a high-power blower to maintain air pressure through the system. This allows the unit to use less horsepower to filter air through the unit resulting in considerable energy savings while providing consistent air quality.

5 – Offers Many Different Installation Options

SmogHog electrostatic precipitator systems can be mounted directly on your machining center, serve as a stand-alone portable unit, be mounted to the ceiling, or even use an ambient air pollution control solution when these other options are impractical. The SmogHog can also be installed in a dedicated mechanical room or on a rooftop as well.

You can configure the SmogHog with numerous after-filter options such as HEPA filtration, mist stop filters, and odor management. SmogHog systems can also include an automatic wash system for situations where the ESP manages a heavy contaminant load, and the collector plates need cleaning frequently.

6 – Many Uses Across Multiple Industries

Many different industries integrate SmogHog ESP solutions into their processes. Whether you are a commercial kitchen, a metal shop, or a plastic injection mold company SmogHog is there keeping the air clean and your workers safe.

7 – Superior ESP Efficiency

A better option is offered by SmogHog ESP technology for difficult industrial air pollution control uses. High particle removal efficiency levels are possible with SmogHog ESP technology for submicronic particles (less than 1 μm), which are frequently found in applications including smoke, fume, and mist.

A double pass SmogHog ESP configuration boosts the overall removal efficiency to over 97 percent, while a single-pass SmogHog ESP unit can remove up to 95 percent* of 0.3 μm particles.

8 – Protects Your Employees

Electrostatic precipitators have an excellent track record when reducing toxic pollutants in workplaces everywhere. Using ESP technology protects your workers by providing air quality that meets or exceeds OSHA quality standards. The SmogHog ESP also prevents these pollutants from settling on equipment and work areas reducing the chances of slips and falls or stirring up contaminants that have already settled on surfaces and floors.

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