Air Filtration Systems & Dust Control Solutions

At Matrix Systems, we provide air filtration systems solutions for a wide variety of industries and particulate types. Whether you use the patented ESP technology and odor media trays to remove smoke and nuisance odor from your commercial kitchen or to capture and collect particulate from other industrial processes. Matrix has the right air pollution control solution products and services for you.

Clean air over the Sacramento skyline as a result of industrial air filtration

But don’t forget other industrial processes that require the use of an industrial dust collector. DustHog industrial dust collection systems captures harmful particulates and vents out clean air that meets all Federal, State and Local environmental air quality requirements.

But different industries require different air filter and pollution control solutions, such as:

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration

Finding the right commercial cooking exhaust filtration system depends on what you cook, how often are you cooking, what size the kitchen area is, and what fuel you use for the cooking process.

Wood & Ceramic Filtration

Woodshops, lumber mills, and ceramics manufacturers produce a lot of dust, and having the right industrial dust collection system is crucial for maintaining the air quality protection both inside and outside of your business.

Plastics Filtration

Plastics manufacturing can produce a lot of toxic dust and smoke and it is crucial for you to have an industrial air solution that eliminates these problems from the air.

Metal Filtration

Working with metal in functions such as metal grinding, welding, CNC dry machining, and metal manufacturing need comprehensive industrial air filtration solutions that include both industrial dust collection systems, and mist collectors depending on the operation.

Case Studies Discover how our industrial air filtration solutions have helped others.