Are Mist Collectors Required on CNC Machines?

Mist Collectors for CNC Machines California

There is no state or federal regulation in California that specifically requires mist collectors on CNC machines. However, mist collectors may be required by other regulations depending on the type of machining process and the materials being used. For example, if the machining process involves cutting or grinding metal, mist collectors may be necessary to comply with California’s air quality regulations, which limit the amount of airborne particulate matter that can be released into the atmosphere.

Mist collectors may also be required by OSHA under their General Duty Clause. It requires employers to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees. If the mist generated by CNC machines poses a health hazard to employees, OSHA may require mist collectors.

The decision to purchase a mist collector on CNC machines depends on a variety of factors. These include machining processes, materials used, and any regulations or guidelines to follow. Employers need to consult with a health and safety professional to determine the necessity of mist collectors in the workplace.

How Does a Mist Collector Work?

A mist collector removes airborne mist and particulates that is generated by machining processes from the surrounding air. It draws in contaminated air through a series of filters that capture the mist and particulates. The clean air is recycled back into the workplace or environment.

There are several types of mist collectors, including electrostatic precipitators, centrifugal separators, and media filters. Each type of mist collector works differently. The basic principle is the same to capture and remove particles from the air.

What are the Benefits of Mist Collector?

What Industries Use Mist Collectors?

Many industries use mist collectors. Generally, any industry that uses machining, cutting, grinding, or other processes and generate mist and/or particulate matter would require a mist collector. Here is a list of industries that commonly use mist collectors:

How Do You Size a Mist Collector?

Investing in a mist collector is crucial to protect employee health and maintain air quality. If your facility uses machining processes that generate airborne mist and particulate matter, invest in a mist collector. But, it can be challenging to know what size or how many mist collectors you need for your facility. That’s where Matrix Systems comes in.

Matrix Systems Helps Your Facility with Mist Collectors

Matrix Systems specializes in industrial mist collection equipment and design services. Our team of experts can assist you in determining the appropriate size of mist collector for your facility based on several factors, including the size and type of your machining process, the materials being used, and the specific parameters of your facility.

We use advanced calculations and measurements to ensure that your mist collector is correctly sized and designed to meet your unique needs. After sizing the mist collector, we provide complete design services and professional customer support to ensure optimal performance and long-term reliability. Our team is dedicated to providing turn-key solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

With Matrix Systems, you can trust that your mist collector will be correctly selected to provide effective and reliable mist collection for your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial mist collection equipment and services, and let us help you determine the appropriate size of mist collector for your needs.

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