5 Benefits of Using a SmogHog Mist Collector

SmogHog Mist Collectors in California Installation

There are many benefits associated with the purchase of a SmogHog Mist Collector from our team here at Matrix Systems. These mist collectors help to prevent dangerous emissions from making their way into the atmosphere. They can be placed inside or outside of a facility and are capable of cleaning highly polluted airstreams.

The features and the benefits of SmogHog Mist Collectors are many. With this said, these are five of the key benefits of purchasing mist collectors in Sacramento, CA.

1. Machine Control Technology with Great Precision

Machine control technology that offers great precision is a key benefit of the SmogHog Mist Collector. It is easy to monitor filter pressure and provides alerts when filters need to be changed.

2. An Adjustable Airflow

Another key benefit of the SmogHog Mist Collector is the fact that the airflow is adjustable. The product optimizes airflow performance without using variable frequency drives or the use of mechanical dampers.

3. They Are Easy to Maintain

SmogHog Mist Collectors are easy to maintain and easy to service is another major advantage to the product. Change filters without the need for tools, and the removal process is simple. It saves a lot of time for those who are performing service on the product.

4. They Have a Flexible Configuration

SmogHog Mist Collectors are highly configurable to different setup needs is another compelling benefit of purchasing this high-quality product.

5. The Mount Options Include Machine and Base Possibilities

With a SmogHog Mist Collector, it is possible to mount it directly on a machining center. It is also possible to use a stand-alone base mount. The product can also be mounted remotely.

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