Clearing the Air With Kitchen Emission Systems

Kitchen Emission Systems SmogHog PSG California

The elimination of odors and smoke that result from kitchen emissions can be effectively accomplished by using the SmogHog PSG air cleaning system. It is a known and trusted product for use in air cleaning and commercial kitchen exhaust. This system utilizes electrostatic precipitator technology, or ESP, to remove odors and grease from cooking processes. The result is cleaner air without the need for expensive filter replacements.

At Matrix Systems, we are the team of emissions experts behind the leading commercial cooking exhaust systems in San Francisco. Read on to find out more about clearing the air with our kitchen emission systems.

Tackling Kitchen Emissions With the SmogHog System

You can count on value when you choose our SmogHog kitchen emissions system. Adding a restaurant to your venue can add a great deal of appeal. At the same time, environmental issues can result from greasy kitchen odors and smoke. There can also be a lot of headaches involved in coming up with an effective way to control them. When you choose our SmogHog system, you are selecting the industry-leading product to control air pollution in commercial kitchens. It is an easy way to solve your odor and smoke control needs.

No Exhaust? – We Have the Solution

The lack of an exhaust system does not represent a problem for our SmogHog emissions control system. It is a flexible product that can be installed into virtually any space and building. Our units are built-in modules that can be custom designed to fit your available area.

Benefits/Features of Our SmogHog PSG System

The features/benefits of our SmogHog PSG system include:

Find Out More About the Benefits of Kitchen Emission Systems

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