Dangers of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust – Why You Need a SmogHog ESP System

When you think of the dangers of working in a commercial kitchen, you think about cuts from careless handling of cutting equipment and knives, falls from wet or dirty floors, burns from hot food or plates. However, most people rarely consider the dangers that commercial kitchen exhaust might cause for you. Here are some of the dangers a kitchen worker might encounter.

Commercial kitchen exhaust filtration in San Francisco

Exposure to Carbon Monoxide & Methane

The commercial kitchen cooking process produces carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, and other dangerous gases. In addition, if your commercial kitchen is not well ventilated can cause numerous health issues, including throat cancer.

Grease Buildup Causing Kitchen Fires

The greatest danger of not managing the mist and smoke from the commercial cooking process is the tiny particles of highly flammable grease that accumulate on the range hoods, ductwork, and other areas near the stove. It can easily ignite, injuring kitchen workers and causing considerable damage to the kitchen itself before the fire gets under control.

Poor Ventilation Causing Nuisance Smoke and Odor

If your commercial kitchen exhaust solution cannot handle the smoke and odor produced by the cooking process, that smoke and odor may spill out into the building’s interior. Untreated smoke and fumes that spill outside of the building may violate local air quality regulations and prompt complaints from neighbors.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Smoke and fumes that are not adequately removed from the interior of a restaurant may contribute to poor indoor health quality, especially if you use natural gas or open flame for cooking. Even electric burners can contaminate the air by burning off tiny dust particles any time they turn on. Therefore, proper ventilation in your commercial kitchen is essential for your kitchen staff’s safety and well-being.

These reasons are why you need a SmogHog-brand commercial cooking exhaust system that uses an electrostatic precipitator system to mitigate these problems caused by the commercial cooking process.

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