Air Pollution Control Solutions for Wood & Ceramics

The dust and particulates generated by woodworking processes such sawing, sanding and polishing as well as from ceramics manufacturing processes create a unique challenge for air pollution control, both inside and outside of the factory building.

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Wood dust has been associated with many adverse health effects such as respiratory problems, dermatitis and even cancer. Wood dust is also combustible and can explode.

It is never a good idea to breathe in dust from any substance, but because the composition of ceramic dust may contain contaminants such as lead, kaolin or asbestos, this makes breathing in any ceramic dust extremely bad for you because it may cause serious respiratory issues and cancer as well.

Air Pollution Control Solutions for Wood

One of the best solutions for particulates produced by woodworking processes is an industrial dust collector such as the DustHog C Series cyclone dust collection system. It can handle large wood chips and sawdust created by these processes, and can even handle very fine wood dust if the unit uses an optional after-filter.

Source Air Pollution Control Solutions for Wood & Ceramics

The DustHog SCB model is an excellent choice for collecting wood and ceramics particulates right at the source. These are mounted on the factory floor ceiling and use extendable arms that can be placed at the source of the particulates. Other options include the DustHog PNP dust collector and the portable cartridge dust collector, the DustHog VP Series.

Ambient Air Pollution Control Solutions for Wood & Ceramics

Another air filtration system option might be ambient air pollution control using a DustHog SCA industrial dust collection system. This ceiling mounted dust collector saves valuable floor space while still air quality by filtering out the contaminants and dusts created by woodworking and ceramics manufacturing processes.

Let Matrix Help Select the Best Air Pollution Control System for Wood & Ceramics

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