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DustHog Dust Collection Systems

Matrix Systems carries a complete line of Parker Hannifin DustHog industrial dust extraction equipment.

Booth Dust Collection Systems

The DustHog MCB booth dust collections systems are completely self-contained and provide highly efficient filtration.

Industrial Air Filtration Systems

The DustHog SFC Series uses downward airflow to remove harmful pollutants from common manufacturing processes and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Ceiling Mount Dust Collection Systems

DustHog SCA Ceiling Mount Dust Collectors provides superior dust collection performance while allowing free movement on the factory floor.

Filter Cartridge Dust Collection Systems

The DustHog Plug-n-Play filter cartridge is the perfect high-efficiency filtration solution for indoor applications.

Cyclone Dust Collection Systems

The DustHog C Series Cyclone dust collection system is designed to effectively remove large to moderate-sized particles.

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