DustHog SFC industrial dust collector

DustHog SFC Series – Downward Flow Cartridge Dust Collection Systems

Parker Hannifin’s DustHog SFC industrial dust collection system removes harmful contaminants from common manufacturing processes such as welding, buffing, sanding, and many others.

Features & Benefits of the DustHog SFC Series

Some of the benefits of the SFC industrial dust collection systems include:

  • Improved Employee Health and Efficiency By removing harmful pollutants created by common manufacturing processes, the DustHog SFC system eliminates air quality issues in the workplace resulting in a cleaner and safer workplace for your employees. This contributes to higher worker productivity, as well as fewer absences and illness which can generate considerable operational savings.
  • Many Add-Ons and Accessories – The DustHog SFC series has many options and accessories available to improve performance and meet specific industry needs. Options such as explosion relief vents, fan silencers, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and digital pressure control monitors are just a few of the accessories available for your dust extraction system.
  • Long Cartridge Life – The SFC dust collection system uses a patented pulse cleaning technology that “pulses” dust off the cartridge which keeps the airflow unobstructed and significantly improves the collector filter cartridge life leading to greater savings in both energy and replacement filtration media costs.
  • Quick and Easy Maintenance The DustHog SFC uses “Quickseal” release doors to provide easy access for removing and replacing filtration media. The DustHog also provides options such as dust collection drums and drawers to make contaminant removal fast and efficient.

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