Factors to Consider When Purchasing a DustHog Downward Flow Dust Collection System

The purchase of a DustHog downward flow cartridge dust collection system is a significant investment for your company, so in order to select the best one, you need to keep these factors in mind:

Large DustHog downward flow dust collection system in Sacramento, CA


What are you using the DustHog downward flow cartridge dust collection system for? The DustHog SFC series specializes in dust removal for industrial applications such as abrasive blasting, batch mixing, grinding, metalworking, powder coating, sanding, smelting, and welding. Keep in mind that you need to understand and follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidance for your application. This includes the required safety features and (if applicable) the testing of dust to determine combination hazards.

Filter Size, Quantity, and Life

Although Parker Hannifin’s patented pulse cleaning technology assures that your DustHog unit will have superior cleaning power over competing dust collection systems, you need to know the size and the quantity of filters that will be used in the unit you select. The more filters you use, the less often you need to change them.

Available Add-Ons and Accessories

Most dust collection systems are not perfectly configured for your business right out of the box. Options such as explosion relief vents to help ensure the safety both of your workers and your facility and a bag-in/bag-out option for removing fine or hazardous dusts are available to customize your downward flow dust collection system. Other available add-ons include digital pressure control monitors, variable frequency drives, and fan silencers (just to name a few).


Two different size measurements are important here. The size of the total filtration area covered by the dust collection system, and the physical footprint of the unit. Both help determine which dust collection system works best for you.

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