How to Bring Industrial Kitchen Smoke, Grease and Odor Under Control

For today’s industrial food processing operations, the ability to control emissions is of vital importance. These companies are always looking for solutions to their pollution control needs. These solutions must safely and effectively capture cooking emissions and odor.

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At Matrix Systems, we are the industry leader in commercial kitchen exhaust filtration in Sacramento. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of our SmogHog ESP system and its effectiveness in controlling kitchen smoke, odor, and grease.

Primary Considerations

There are three primary considerations related to this overall topic of controlling industrial kitchen smoke, grease, and odor.

They include:

1. Remaining Within Regulatory Compliance

The local and federal regulations related to air quality in the food processing industry are becoming increasingly strict. Remaining in compliance with these regulations is essential. This adds emphasis to the importance of being able to control emissions effectively.

2. Emissions Control

Cooking emissions not effectively controlled can fill the air and pollute it. Food processing companies need to manage these emissions effectively.

3. Enhancing the Performance of Existing Equipment

The use of an effective air pollution control device can help to reduce emissions and enhance the existing operations of industrial food processing companies.

Offering Flexible System Configurations for the Control of Grease, Smoke, and Odor

At Matrix Systems, we offer today’s industrial food processing companies flexible system configurations that can help them in their efforts to control odors, smoke, and grease.

The Benefits of the SmogHog ESP System

Our SmogHog ESP System is an effective solution for controlling industrial kitchen grease, odor, and smoke. It utilizes electrostatic precipitation technology, also known as ESP. The system is more than 95 percent efficient for mist, fume, and smoke removal and can make a huge difference in keeping factory air cleaner. It can also help ensure that factory processes are running at peak levels of performance and efficiency.

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