How Do Today’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems Work with Minimal Ducting?

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems and Filtration CaliforniaAdding a restaurant can add a tremendous amount of value to your venue. At the same time, there are environmental issues that result from the greasy odors and smoke emitted by commercial kitchens. The good news is that the SmogHog PSG series helps you effectively address these issues.

You can rely on Matrix Systems to help you with all of your needs related to kitchen exhaust systems in Oakland. We are a leader in air pollution control and want to tell you how commercial kitchen exhaust systems can be effective with minimal ducting. They can save you a lot of headaches when designing your commercial kitchen and addressing the issue of effective exhaust.

What If You Do Not Have an Existing System or Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration in Oakland?

The SmogHog emission control system is ideal for those who want to add a commercial kitchen to an existing structure that does not already have a ventilation system to control odors and grease.

A Minimal Amount of Ducting Leads to Big Savings

The SmogHog system can save you a lot of money because it utilizes minimal ducting while allowing you to control issues related to fumes from your commercial kitchen effectively. The system enables you to avoid adding expensive welded, heavy-gauge exhaust ducting runs.

We Offer Unparalleled Design and Tech Support Here at Matrix Systems

When you choose the SmogHog system from Matrix Systems, you can count on receiving an unparalleled level of technical and design support from our experienced team of experts.

Our ESP Technology Provides Superior Performance

Our SmogHog systems utilize advanced electrostatic precipitation technology or ESP. This technology is the key to the superior performance achieved by the SmogHog PSG. The system is more than 95% efficient in smoke, mist, and fume removal.

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