Key Ways That SmogHog Provides the Best Value for Kitchen Ventilation Systems

The SmogHog PSG is an air cleaning system that can help to ensure that you can eliminate odors and smoke from your premises. The name SmogHog is associated with excellence within the field of air cleaning and commercial kitchen exhaust. It does its job by utilizing an electrostatic precipitator that allows it to move grease and odors from the processes involved in cooking. This adds up to cleaner air. You can find out more about the top commercial kitchen exhaust systems in Oakland by reaching out to our team here at Matrix Systems.

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Key Ways That the SmogHog Is an Outstanding Value When It Comes to Controlling Kitchen Emissions

The fact that SmogHog systems can be customized for your kitchen emission control needs is a key way that they represent excellent value for the money spent. Other factors that contribute to this include:

We Offer Dedicated Technical Support Accompanies Outstanding Design

When you choose the SmogHog PSG from our team at Matrix Systems, you are choosing a truly outstanding design coupled with our commitment to providing you with dedicated technical support.

Some of the Top Benefits and Features Associated With the SmogHog PSG

There is an extensive list of key benefits and features that are associated with the SmogHog PSG. They include:

The Matrix Systems Team Is Ready to Provide You With a Professional Consultation

Contact us at Matrix Systems today to find out more about commercial kitchen exhaust systems in Oakland. Our team is looking forward to speaking with you soon to provide you with all of the answers to the various questions you have. You can reach our team through our online contact form or by emailing us at You can also call our offices to speak to a team member. Our number for Bay Area customers is (510) 822-5167. If you are calling from either Northern Nevada or the Sacramento Valley, you can contact us at (530) 273-5474.