Reasons Why Using ESP Technology Is Essential to Achieving Superior Performance

ESP is shorthand for electrostatic precipitation technology. This technology is essential if you are looking for a superior performance level when it comes to removing smoke, mist, and fumes. Our team at Matrix Systems is the leading provider of ESP cleaning services in Oakland. We want to provide you with some vital information about why ESP technology is truly essential when it comes to achieving superior performance.

SmogHog Electrostatic Precipitator in Bay Area California

Offering a Superior Level of ESP Efficiency

Our SmogHog ESP products offer you the type of proven performance that you want. When you choose a SmogHog product, you benefit from a high level of particle removal. It includes the removal of submicronic particulate, which is commonplace for applications for fume, smoke, and mist. With this point made, the following are our top models within the SmogHog line.

The PSG Series

Requires a minimal amount of ducting and also offers you a reduced maintenance cost level. The PSG series is also notable for being environmentally compliant.

The SHN/SGN Series

Key features of the SHN/SGN Series include a reduction in operating expenses and a flexible range of configurations. The series also features low levels of sound that alleviate the need to utilize silencers.

The MSH Series

The MSH Series offers a high level of efficiency when it comes to filtration. This means that it can keep the air in your factory clean. It also helps to ensure that your processes are running at peak levels of performance.

The PNC Series

The environmentally compliant PCN Series can help you to dramatically reduce your overall maintenance costs through its ability to eliminate dust and smoke particles before they end up on the surfaces of your work areas and equipment.

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