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Door Enclosure Parts

Matrix Systems carries a complete line of SmogHog parts for door enclosures for most models of SmogHog units and can ship them to you anywhere in the country.

In the Bay Area, Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada we also provide a complete line of SmogHog system repairs and troubleshooting.

Miscellaneous Mechanical Parts

Part NumberNameDescriptionUnit
02-1651Shorting AssemblyPack Enclosure interlock SwitchSG, PSG, PSH
03-0828Push-to-Test KitComplete Ionizer / Cell KitSH
03-1092Directional Grill Retrofit Kit17” × 18-1/2” (Pre 1991 Units)SG-4 (18-13) Blower
10-2427Drip Tray PanSG-4
30-0061Screw, Wing HeadBlower Access DoorSH Series, SG-2
30-0062ReceptacleBlower Access DoorSH Series, SG-2
30-0063RetainerBlower Access DoorSH Series, SG-2
33-0003Directional Grill
33-0116Directional Grill18” × 12”, BlackSG-4 (Old 18-9 Blower)
33-0179Directional Grill17” × 18-1/2”, Black, Heavy DutySG-4 (18-13) Blower
33-10002-1614Directional Grill16” × 14”, BlackSH-10/20, SG-2
33-10002-1816Directional Grill18” × 16”, BlackSH-40, 50
39-0071Door Handle, T-TypePost-PC 5/86, SH7/82
39-0087Door Handle, T-TypeVise Action - HexSG Series (pre 1992)
39-0096Door Latch, SH/SG JIC BoxHex HeadSH, SG
39-0124Door LatchHex HeadPC
39-0125Door Latch (Allen Head)Unicell Door AccessSG, PSG
39-0271Door Handle, T-Type (Black)Unicell Door AccessSG, PSG, 1996 Units & Newer
39-0272Gasket for 39-0271 LatchUnicell Door AccessSG, PSG, 1996 Units & Newer
39-0275Door LatchTee HandleImpingement Plenums
39-10009-0028Door LatchMSH
42-0168Gasket, Door (BUNA-N)1 Tier High – 6 FT Required
2 Tier High – 11 FT Required
3 Tier High – 16 FT Required
SG, PSG, SHN (7 FT per door)
42-1503Gasket, Door (EPDM)See 42-0168 for RequirementsSG, PSG
42-1535Gasket, Door P-Type (BUNA-N)Standard Gasket, 7” per DoorPSH
39-10012-0001Door Latch (Slotted)Unicell, Plenum, Odor Door AccessPSH, PSG 2/2003 & Newer
42-10024-0001Gasket, Door (EPDM)Standard Gasket, 7” per DoorPSH

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To order SmogHog parts for door enclosures, simply call (510) 822-5167 or (530) 273-5474. But the best way to order is to fill-out our simple online contact form. Please have your SmogHog model number and company zip code ready to receive accurate pricing and delivery date.

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