Commercial air filter supplier San Francisco, CA

Commercial Air Filter Exchange

Get prompt and courteous commercial air filter exchange service from Matrix Systems, your exclusive representative for Parker Hannifin’s SmogHog and DustHog product lines.
We supply a wide variety of commercial air filters including dust collector cartridges, Cyclone after-filters, industrial carbon air, PEACH coalescing cartridges and ASHRAE oil mist for mist collectors, carbon odor trays, potassium permanganate odor media trays (for solid fuel kitchens), and many, many more.
We can sign you up for a scheduled service contract, where we automatically schedule your commercial air filter exchanges according to your company’s specific needs.

Get Prompt Commercial Air Filter Exchange from Matrix Systems

In the Bay Area, call (510) 822-5167, or in the Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada areas, dial (530) 273-5474. You can also contact us through our website’s online contact form, or email us at to get prompt commercial air filter exchange service.

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