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Electrostatic Precipitator Cell Cleaning

Get your electrostatic precipitator cells thoroughly cleaned through Matrix Systems’ exclusive ESP washing process

We come to your business, collect the dirty electrostatic precipitator cells, and evaluate the contaminant load. For heavy loads, we presoak the ESP cells in a hot detergent solution to help loosen the contaminants. Next, we load the ESP cells into our specialized, enclosed parts washer running at 150 PSI and 150 degrees, and finally rinse them off using a pressure washer using 150-degree hot water.

The final step in the process is that we test them for operation and replace internal components if necessary.

Kitchen Hood Baffle Filter Cleaning

The first line of defense against commercial cooking exhaust is the kitchen hood baffle filters. These filters are the gateway to the rest of the SmogHog commercial kitchen exhaust system, and collect char and grease of the cooking process.

Cleaning for commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system San Jose, CA

This accumulated grease and char cannot be removed by scrubbing the baffle filters in your wash sink with hot water and soap, or running it through your dishwasher. The grease gets behind the baffles and is difficult to remove. If it isn’t removed, the grease becomes a serious fire hazard. As a result, your kitchen hood baffle filters must undergo heavy duty cleaning to remove the accumulated grease and char.

At Matrix, we soak the kitchen hood baffle filters in hot water and detergent to loosen up the accumulated grease and char, then rinse them with a hot water pressure washer, and return them to you, good as new.

Let Us Clean Your ESP Cells and Kitchen Hood Baffle Filters

As the inventors of SmogHog SP7 detergent, no company is better at cleaning electrostatic precipitator cells and baffle filters than Matrix Systems. Let us come get your ESP cells and baffle filters, clean them using our specially designed cleaning process, and bring them back to you.

For service in the Bay Area, call (510) 822-5167 or in the Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada areas dial (530) 273-5474. You can also contact us through our website’s our online contact form, or email us at

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