The Dangers of Plastic Dust in the Workplace

Finished plastics are in high demand all over the world. This means that companies that process plastics are also in high demand. These processes include plastics molding processes such as blow, compression and injection molding, as well as any processes that cut, grind, machine, cast, cure or seal any plastics. All of these processes create dust and (at times) smoke which need to be mitigated with a commercial dust collector for many reasons:

Plastic Dust Buildup Can Be a Fire or Explosion Hazard

Plastic or other chemical dusts, have led to at least 200 industrial accidents over the last 25 years killing over 100 people. Many of these explosions could have been prevented by a good industrial dust collection system.

Plastics dust source for commercial dust collector Sacramento, CA

Plastic Dust Contaminates Work Product

Plastic dust, if not mitigated properly, can settle on work equipment and the products during the manufacturing process which can lead to lower quality finished products.

Plastic Dust May Lead to Workplace Accidents

When plastic dust settles on work surfaces and floors, it may lead to slips and falls, accidents from malfunction of the plastics production equipment or other equipment in the workplace. There is also a risk of stirring up the dust that has settled and inhaling it.

Plastic Dust Exposure Creates Health Risks for Employees

There are numerous health risks from exposure to plastic processes.

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