The History of Smog-Hog

The Smog-Hog was born in 1970 at a small company, United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) that was founded in 1966 in response to a growing demand for improved air quality for industrial plants at the time. The Smog-Hog was the first electrostatic precipitator to hit the market addressing these needs. When OSHA was passed later that year, it established UAS as the industry leader in industrial air quality. UAS also created the “Dust-Cat”–the ancestor of the Dust-Hog line of dust extraction equipment–around that time in order to fill a need within the market for industrial-quality media-based dust air filtration solutions.

Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators San Francisco, CA

UAS continued to grow steadily as a result of meeting the increased demand for air pollution control systems because of OSHA and the newly formed Environmental Protection Agency. These organizations made cleaner air a mandate for all industrial businesses.


In 1997, CLARCOR Industrial Air, formerly part of General Electric’s Power and Water Filtration business, purchased UAS. CLARCOR was a publicly traded manufacturer of mobile, industrial and environmental filtration products, making the UAS line of products–especially the Smog-Hog product line–fill in a market gap that for CLARCOR. As part of CLARCOR, the UAS entity continued to innovate and develop new products such as fume extractors and mist collectors designed to target specific industrial markets, such as metalworkers and commercial kitchen cooking, and continued to achieve higher and higher efficiency removal of industrial pollutants and contaminants. CLARCOR also brought back the Dust-Hog line of industrial dust collection systems in 2016–the brand had been dormant for almost 10 years at that point–bringing highly efficient dust media filtration products to the market.

The Parker Hannifin Era

The continued success of UAS/CLARCOR’s air pollution control solutions soon got the attention of Parker Hannifin, a 100-year-old, Fortune 250 company. The global leader in motion and control technologies soon acquired the company and merged it into the Parker Filtration group and greatly increased the number and scope of industrial air filtration solutions and products available to industrial customers all over the world. Today, both the Smog-Hog and Dust-Hog brands are valuable contributors to Parker Hannifin’s bottom line.

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