These Industries Benefit from the Use of a SmogHog ESP System

As the leading ESP cleaning company in Bay Area, our team at Matrix Systems proudly offers the SmogHog ESP system. It is a system that offers many key benefits across a wide range of different industries. These systems are notable for being more than 95% efficient for removing smoke, fumes, and mist from industrial settings. They can help factory owners to keep the air clean in their facilities and are also crucial for ensuring that various processes can operate at a peak level of performance.

Industries benefit SmogHog ESP system San Francisco

The SmogHog ESP System Offers Value and Savings to Many Industries

The SmogHog ESP system offers a tremendous amount of value and savings across many industries. It is because of its superior performance when compared to competing technologies within the area of mist collection. The use of ESP technology provides operational pressure loss that is low compared to barrier filters. The result is reduced horsepower as well as the energy consumption that is associated with this. Another key benefit of ESP filters is that they can be cleaned and do not have to be replaced regularly like other filter types.

These Are Some Key Industries That Benefit from a SmogHog ESP System

Many key industries benefit from the use of a SmogHog ESP system. This list of industries includes:

These industries and others benefit significantly from using the SmogHog ESP systems that we offer here at Matrix Systems.

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