Understanding the Key Parts of Kitchen Emission Control Systems

Environmental issues resulting from greasy kitchen smells and smoke are common problems restaurants, and commercial kitchens deal with daily. Kitchens include operations such as casinos, food courts, stadiums, high-rise buildings, and theme parks. Relying on the SmogHog PSG series is the solution these businesses consistently turn to for commercial kitchen exhaust filtration.

At Matrix Systems, we are the leading service provider of commercial kitchen exhaust filtration in San Francisco. The following information sheds light on the key parts of our kitchen emission control systems.

The Key Components of the SmogHog PSG Series

The SmogHog PSG series is notable for its revolutionary, innovative design to perform as a superior emission control system. At Matrix Systems, we offer sizes and configurations that range from 825 to 22 thousand CFM. Regardless of the size of the kitchen hood involved, the SmogHog is a perfect solution. It can be mounted on buildings, through exterior walls, above ceilings, or inside mechanical rooms.

The Key Components of the SmogHog PSG Series Include:

Self-Regulating Power Jack

The self-regulating power jack of the SmogHog provides reliable power across a wide range of cooking conditions.

The Control Panel

The SmogHog control panel allows for all equipment functions to be operated by single or separate panels. These panels can be remotely mounted as needed. The system can also tie into the system for building maintenance.

Injector Tee

This component controls detergent use systematically. It also allows for optimal cleaning.

Fixed Wash Headers

The fixed wash headers offer in-placed cleaning—they clean collection components without the need for removal. There are standard load and heavy load options that are available.

The Detergent Tank

This is a self-contained tank. It holds the concentrated detergents used to clean the kitchen emissions produced by industrial and commercial applications.

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