Ways a SmogHog Kitchen Emission Control System Offers You Great Value

If you are looking for the best commercial kitchen exhaust filtration in Bay Area, our team at Matrix Systems is the place to turn. We offer the renowned SmogHog  ESP systems, specifically the PSG series, as the perfect option for minimizing environmental issues. Its innovative design provides you with the flexibility to install it in virtually any commercial kitchen setting possible.

 Commercial kitchen exhaust filtration in Bay Area

Key Benefits of a SmogHog Kitchen Emission Control System

There is an extensive list of benefits to choosing SmogHog commercial kitchen exhaust systems in Bay Area. The system operates through a revolutionary and innovative design installed in virtually any kitchen space possible.

Some of the other key benefits include that the SmogHog is a money and time saver since it will solve your kitchen fume issues. The SmogHog requires a minimal amount of ducting.

When you choose to use a SmogHog system in your commercial kitchen, you also will experience a reduction in your maintenance costs. You can easily clean the system’s cells and reuse them, so you will not constantly replace filters. Beyond this, the SmogHog is an environmentally compliant system that adheres to the strictest local, state, and federal standards. It is the ideal solution when you have limited space and need to stay code compliant. The SmogHog is perfect for multi-restaurant use and multi-story structures as well.

Key Reasons to Choose the SmogHog System

The SmogHog system is the gold standard when it comes to ESP systems. The system is more than 95 percent efficient for removing fumes, mists, and smoke. Using the system is a great way to ensure that your key processes can continue operating at a peak performance level. This is a key reason why SmogHog is the ideal product for commercial kitchen settings.

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