What Detergent to Use to Clean Your SmogHog System

The SmogHog ESP system is one of the best smoke and mist removal products on the market, used across many different industries. At Matrix Systems, we are proud to offer SmogHog industrial systems to our customers. We also created the Matrix SP7C Detergent Concentrate. It is the ideal detergent formula for cleaning the SmogHog system. It works to break down grease and oil and washes them away.

 SmogHog Matrix SP7C Detergent Concentrate

Matrix SP7C Detergent Concentrate

The recommended SmogHog detergent is our Matrix SP7C Detergent Concentrate. Our team has developed this electrostatic precipitator detergent to adhere to the exact cleaning requirements needed to maintain the SmogHog system. Our high-quality formula rapidly and effectively penetrates and then removes carbonized and fatty residue that builds up on SmogHog’s ESP collector plates. Using this product is the best way to reduce grease accumulation that can also build up on the cabinet bottoms of the SmogHog system.

The Benefits of Matrix SP7C Detergent From Matrix Systems

Some key benefits come along with using the Matrix SP7C Detergent Concentrate to clean your SmogHog system.

These benefits include:

This detergent is also aluminum safe and will not eat away at the SmogHog system’s ESP cells. The product is available in several strengths and comes in a convenient packaging that will save customers on their shipping costs—the product ships out in containers of 5-gallons each.

Another notable benefit of using our Matrix SP7C Detergent Concentrate is that it is capable of reducing compounds that cause odors. It includes the ability to reduce sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

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