What is a Mist Collector?

A mist collector is another name for electrostatic precipitator collector. Because the exhaust emitted by industrial processes is typically smoke, fumes and/or mist, the name is accurate for what the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) mist collector does.

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How Does a Mist Collector Work?

An ESP mist collector works by applying high voltage electricity to create an electrostatic field which charges the air between the wires and a series of collection plates that result in creating ionized particles in the exhaust which then are attracted to the grounded collection plates within the system. This basic process is used in everything from ESP dust collectors–such as the Dust-Hog dust collection system–to commercial cooking exhaust systems.

Benefits of Using a Mist Collector

The biggest benefit of using an ESP mist collector is that it collects contaminants without impeding the airflow of a process. This allows the contaminated airflow to be cleaned and release the clean air as exhaust. Impeded airflow is a problem for other methods such as using barrier filters which can clog up and block the airflow, or allow contaminated air through.

Another benefit is that ESP collection plates are reusable. All you have to do is wash them off and they are good to go again. Where traditional air filtration media need to be discarded and replaced with clean media. This can be very expensive, especially when trying to remove tiny smoke and mist particles.

Why Smog-Hog Mist Collectors Are Superior

Smog-Hog mist collectors use superior collection technology that provide a high level of efficiency is removing the tiny particles that make up smoke, mist and fumes. A single pass of a Smog-Hog ESP removes 95% particles as small at .3 µm (micrometres) and 97% of those that go through a double-pass.

The flexibility of Smog-Hog mist collector configurations and modules allow you to create the perfect air pollution control solution for your business. Whether you need multiple ESP filter modules, secondary HEPA or order control filters, integrated air discharge modules, or remote monitoring and control options, Smog-Hog has the air pollution control solution that will save you time, energy, and–as a result–money.

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