What is the Difference Between Machine Mount and Source Capture Air Pollution Control Systems?

A source capture air pollution control system on the surface sounds the same as a machine mount system, but there are several differences.

Machine Mount Air Pollution Control

A machine mount-based air pollution control solution is exactly what it sounds like. It is an air pollution control system that you can mount to your work area on the machine itself.

Situation with a need for industrial air pollution control in San Jose, CA

The Parker Hannifin SmogHog product has machine mount air pollution control systems for almost any need. For example, there are self-contained SmogHog mist collectors that can be mounted directly on machining centers. This saves floor space and eliminates the need to install ductwork for the unit.

Collecting pollutants right at the source of the generating equipment saves energy, protects employees from breathing in contaminants, and keeps the work area cleaner.

Source Capture Air Pollution Control

The system captures smoke, pollutants, dust, and fumes using a hood installed over the work area, or has an extraction arm that has a small duct connecting it to the unit itself. These can also have multiple hoods or multiple extraction arms that connect to a central contaminant collection system.

These save energy by capturing mists, fumes, and smoke at the source and minimizing the amount of air required to control the pollutant. Additionally, capturing the pollutant at the source protects the worker’s breathing zone from hazardous airborne mists, smoke, and fumes. These typically are mounted to the ceiling of the shop so they don’t take up valuable floor space.

Another benefit of a source capture system is that some of them are portable and can be moved from station to station as needed, such as the PCN Series of portable mist collectors and the DustHog VP, a dust extraction system on wheels. These are great for quick and easy smoke and fume extraction at the source. For example, the PCN portable unit is ideal for situations where large hoods are impractical, smoke-producing machinery is used intermittently, or an employee moves from one work station to another.

SmogHog source capture systems are available in multiple configurations to perform long-term, heavy-duty industrial air cleaning. Systems include the MSH Series, SHN Series, and SG Series for dedicated machines and the PSG Series and PSH Series for central systems.

So SmogHog and DustHog both have space-saving options available to you for air pollution control. Which one you choose depends on what works best for your shop.

Machine Mount or Source Capture? Matrix Systems Has What You Need

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