3 Things to Look for in an Air Filter Suppliers Company

There are a lot of air filter suppliers and companies serving every major metropolitan area, but how do you select an excellent air filter company from all of them? Here are three things to look for to replace air filters in your commercial filtration system equipment in San Francisco, CA.

Has Knowledgeable Staff

This is the most important quality to seek out when selecting a commercial air filter company. Does the company’s staff know what they are talking about? Are they familiar with the equipment and popular brand names of air filtration system equipment? Do they understand which types of filter work with your system? Do they ask good questions to make sure that they provide you the correct product for you the first time?

Air filter suppliers San Jose, CA

These are all questions you need to think about when selecting a vendor in San Francisco. You want this supplier to provide the right filter for the commercial equipment in the proper size needed for the system.

Stocks Air Filters That Fit Many Different Sizes

Commercial air filter suppliers service a wide range of equipment that performs a variety of different functions. This means that the air filter supplier you select needs to stock commercial air filters in many different sizes for many different brand names of equipment. They need to know the difference between a dust collector filter cartridge and a cyclone filter for a cyclone dust extraction system. These are all important things to consider when selecting an excellent commercial air filter supplier.

Has Filters That Serve Many Different Applications

Commercial air filtration systems support many different industries. What industry are you in? What specific air filter need do you have? Is this for welding, plasma or laser cutting? Do you need a specialty filter for a powder dust collector? Is this a filter for machining, polishing or woodworking? Ask your air filter supplier if they have the filters you need.

Matrix Systems is the Air Filter Company That You’ve Been Looking For

​Matrix Systems is an industrial and commercial air filter supplier that provides cyclone filters, industrial carbon air filters and other air filtration system solutions for SMOG HOG and Dust Hog products in San Francisco. Have questions? Give us a call at (510) 822-5167 in the Bay Area or (530) 273-5474 in the Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada area. You can also reach us by completing our online contact form, or email us at mquinlan@2mxs.com.