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Electrostatic Parts

Electrostatic parts such as power packs, transformers, and ionizers are common parts that need to be replaced periodically. Matrix Systems carries a complete line of electrostatic parts for all SmogHog units and we ship them anywhere within the United States.

We also provide a complete line of SmogHog system repairs and troubleshooting services and for the Bay Area, Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada.

Ionizer and Cell/Unicell Assemblies

Part NumberNameDescriptionUnit
02-0003-SGP CellSH-6, SHN-6
02-0008-SIonizer, FP Airfoil, 6 Wire10 mil. Looped WireSH-6, SHN-6
02-0037-SIonizer, FP Airfoil, 9 Wire10 mil. Looped Wire Convoluted Stand OffsSH, SHN, PC, PSH
02-0044-SIonizer, FP Airfoil, 9 Wire10 mil. Looped Wire Convoluted Stand OffsObsolete, Replaced by 02-0037-S
02-0046-SIonizer, FP Airfoil, 9 Wire10 mil. Looped Wire“Rapper” Models SC/EC
02-0052-SGPR Cell“Rapper” Models SC/EC
02-0307-SCell, FP to GP (GPN) Retrofit(Old Style Units)SH, PC, PE, MS
02-0524-SUnicell Assembly10 mil. Crimped EyeletSSP-300. SSP-600
02-1709Stainless Steel IonizerSH, SHN, PSH
02-1710½ Stainless Steel Collection CellSH, SHN, PSH
02-0718-SUnicell Assembly15 mil. Crimped EyeletSSP-50
02-1921-SUnicell Assembly10 mil. Looped WireSG, PSG
02-2339-SNotched GPN CellReplaces 02-0033 & 02-1667SH, SHN, PC, PSH
02-2912-SWide Spaced Cell (GPN-Cell)Special ApplicationSH, SHN, PSH
02-10421-0001Wide Spaced Cell (SSG-Type)Special ApplicationSG, PSG
02-10426-0001Ionizer Wire (6 Required)MSH
02-10429-0001Unicell (6 Wire)MSH

Ionizer Parts

Part NumberNameDescriptionUnit
02-3057Titanium WireAll Industrial
02-3267Wire w/ Eyelets, 15 mil.Single Wire w/ EyeletsSH, SHN, SC, PC
03-0387Wire AssemblyWas 02-0523 (6/set)SSP-300
03-0408Wire w/ Eyelets, 10 mil.Was 023-0390 (9/set)“Rapper” Models SC/EC
03-0555Wire w/ Eyelets, 10 mil.Was 02-2111 (9/set)SH, SHN, PSH
03-0557Spring, Ionizer WireWas 36-0037 (18/set)“Rapper” Models SC/EC
03-0559Spring, Ionizer Wire(20/set)All Industrial
03-0577Wire, 15 mil.One Wire RequiredSSP-50
03-0738Wire w/ Eyelets, 10 mil.(10/set)SG, PSG
03-0834Wire w/ Eyelets, 10 mil.Was 02-2111 (6/set)SH-6
10-0569Support Bar, 9 WireTop & Bottom of IonizerSH, SHN, PC, PSH
10-0911Support Bar, 6 WireTop & Bottom of IonizerSH-6
10-2341Support Bar, 6 WireSSP-300
18-0670Support Bar, 10 Wire(Bottom of Unicell)SG, PSG
18-0674Support Bar, 10 Wire(Top of Unicell)SG, PSG
20-049910 mil. Ionizer WireTungsten WireAll Industrial
30-0452Ionizer Spring ContactWeld NutSG, PSG
35-10008-0001Ionizer Ground RodAll 7/9 Wire Industrial Ionizers
35-10009-0001Ionizer Ground RodNow Use 35-10008-0001Obsolete
37-0004Insulator, Stand-OffCylindrical (2-1/2” LG)SH, SHN, PC, PSH
37-0028Insulator, Stand-OffConvoluted (2-1/2” LG)MSH, SG, PSG, PSH
37-0047Insulator, Stand-OffCylindrical (2” LG)SSP-300, SSP-600

Power Packs

Part NumberNameDescriptionUnit
21-1216Power Pack (+)HVRS (General Purpose)SH, SHN, SG, PSG, PC, PSH, SSP-600
21-1218Power Pack (+)HVRSSSP-50, SSP-300
21-1220Power Pack (-)HVRSSH, SHN, SG, PSG, PSH
21-1222Power Pack (+) SIDCCOHVRSSH, SHN, SG, PSG, PSH
21-1234Power Pack (+)HVRS – Special ApplicationSH, SHN, SG, PSG, PSH
03-0837Power Pack (+) KitHVRS (General Purpose)Replacement for 21-0047
03-0845Power Pack (-)KitHVRS (Neg.)Replacement for 21-0076

Cell/Unicell Parts

Part NumberNameDescriptionUnit
10-0157Cell PlateGPN, Unicell
10-0158Cell PlateGPN, Unicell
10-2256End PlateUnicell
10-2480End PlateGPN
30-0387Contact Screw, ¼”-20 TrussWas 30-0082GPN, Unicell
35-0015Shoulder Nut, Ground (short)GPN
35-0044Cell Rod, Charged (short)GPN
35-0045Cell Rod, Ground (long)GPN
35-0047Shoulder Nut, Ground (long)GPN
35-0067SpacerGPN, Unicell
35-0159Cell Rod - Cell (hot)260/GPN Cell, 20//SG UnicellGPN, Unicell
35-10010-0001Cell Rod – Ionizer & Cell (ground)6 Required – 2 Ionizer, 4 CellUnicell
37-0007Insulator, HorseshowUnicell
37-0061Insulator, TriangularGPN, Unicell
02-3316Cell End Plate with Handle and InsulatorsGPN, Unicell
02-3317Cell End Plate with Insulators OnlyGPN
02-3318Cell End Plate with Handle and InsulatorsUnicell
02-3319Cell End Plate with Insulators OnlyUnicell

H.V. Feed Parts

Part NumberNameDescriptionUnit
02-2353Insulator AssemblyIonizer Feed Thru (Convoluted)SHN, PCN
02-2354Insulator AssemblyCell Feed Thru (Convoluted)SHN, PCN
02-0749-SPInsulator AssemblyIonizer & Cell Feed ThruSG, PSG, PSH
02-2116H.V. Wire Kit#7 & #8 Leads, L-R DoorsSG, PSG, PSH
02-2117H.V. Wire Kit#7 & #8 Leads, R-L DoorsSG, PSG, PSH
03-0136H.V. Wire Kit#7 & #8 Leads with ConnectorsSH-10
03-0203H.V. Wire Kit#7 & #8 Leads with ConnectorsSH-40/50-PE Stack
03-0204H.V. Wire Kit#7 & #8 Leads with ConnectorsSH-20 PE
03-0714H.V. Wire Kit#7 & #8 Leads with ConnectorsSH-6
03-0167H.V. Wire Kit#7 & #8 Leads with ConnectorsPCN
18-0046Plate, H.V.SH Feed-ThruSH, SHN
20-0016High Voltage WireHigh Voltage WireAll Industrial
30-0310Pal Nut (Metal)Replaces 30-0056All Industrial
30-0387Cell Contact Screw – ¼” - 20 SSTSH, SHN, SG, PSG, PSH
30-0388Screw SSFor Ionizer Contact Nut AssemblySH, SHN, PSH
30-0389Nut (Acorn) SSTFor Ionizer Contact Nut AssemblySH, SHN, PSH
30-0394Washer Flat ¼” SSTFor Ionizer Contact Nut AssemblySH, SHN, SG, PSG, PSH
30-0452Ionizer Weld NutContact for UnicellSG, PSG
32-0013Rubber GrommetFor Short-Out AssemblySG, PSG, PSH
36-0008Contact SpringCab/Ionizer & Cab/CellSH, SHN, PC
36-0009Contact SpringCell/CellSH, SHN, PSH
36-0012Contact SpringCell/Cell & Ground to DoorMSH, SG, PSG
36-0014Contact SpringCab/Ionizer & Cab/CellSH-10, SHN-10, PC
36-0016Contact SpringSH-Ion/Ion & SG-Gnd/Cell & UnicellMSH, SH-20/50, SHN-20/50, SG, PSG, PSH
36-0068Contact SpringIonizer/IonizerMSH, SG, PSG
36-0077Ground SpringComponent to CabinetSH, SHN, SG
37-0001Insulator, Feed-Thru, CellCylindrical, 2-1/2” LGSH
37-0002Insulator, Feed-Thru, IonizerCylindrical, 3-1/4” LGSH, PC
37-0012Insulator, Cabinet/CellCylindrical, 3/4” LGSH-C & P Only, Old Units
37-0013Insulator, Cab/IonizerCylindrical, 1-1/2” LGSH-C & P Only, Old Units
37-0026Insulator, Feed-Thru, Ion & CellConv., 3-1/4” LGSG, PSG, PSH, SHN-ION
37-0027Insulator, Feed-Thru, CellConv., 2-3/4” LGSHN-Cell

Indicators Lights/Parts

Part NumberNameDescriptionUnit
02-0331Light Assembly 6V Incandescent RedAll Industrial Units
20-0133Lens, ClearNeg. Pack Indicator Light
20-0258Bulb Socket(All Bulbs)All Industrial Units
20-0260Lens, RedAll Industrial Units
20-0467Bulb, Incandescent, 6V(Replaces 20-0030)All Industrial Units
20-2748Light, LED, GreenOldAll Industrial Units
02-10561-GLight, LED, Green(Replaces 20-0467)All Industrial Units

Miscellaneous Electrical Parts

Part NumberNameDescriptionUnit
20-0005Limit SwitchCabinet Door InterlockMSH, SH, SG, (Prior to 1992)
20-0035Seal for Toggle SwitchRubber Boot OnlySG, PSG, PSH
20-0326Toggle Switch, On/OffSG, PSG, PSH
20-0436Switch, InterlockSSP-300
20-10187Variable Speed Control SwitchMSH, SH, SG, (Prior to 1992)
20-1239Limit Switch, Lid. Inlk. (SPST)Replaces 20-0036 & 20-0436SG, PSG, PSH
20-1424Time Delay RelaySH, SG
20-2720Light, Halogen 12VLight Kit Extraction Arm
20-2748Light, LED
20-3107-2Switch, InterlockSSP-600

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