Air Pollution Control Solutions for Plastics

Plastics processing is in high demand, and processes such as plastics cutting, grinding, heat sealing, and various molding processes such as injection, compression and blow molding are very common for converting plastics powder or pellets into the plastic parts and containers we use every day. Other processes such as plastics extrusion, casting, and curing are also very common processes in plastics production. All of these processes produce contaminants such as mist, fumes and dust. These contaminants can be harmful to people as well as possibly posing a combustion or explosion hazard.

Plastics air pollution control San Francisco, CA

Source Air Pollution Control Solutions for Plastics

The best way to capture the mist, smoke and dust created by plastics manufacturing is to use a SmogHog MSH, SHM or SHN Mist Collector system designed to capture contaminants at the source. By using a machine mount mist collector, this makes the process extremely efficient and safe for your factory and employees. Other options here include ceiling mount mist collectors and the portable SmogHog PCN mist collector.

Ambient Air Pollution Control Solutions for Plastics

Depending on the functions performed in your factory, an ambient air pollution control solution may be an option for your plastics manufacturing operation. Ceiling mounted mist collectors or even a DustHog SCA industrial dust collection system may be solutions that provide excellent air quality by filtering out the contaminants and dusts created by plastics manufacturing processes.

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