Air Pollution Control – Case Studies

What to see how other companies have used SmogHog and DustHog air pollution control systems? Check out these case studies to get an in-depth look at how Matrix Systems delivers superior industrial air filtration solutions for our clients.

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Case Study – Thermal Spray Technologies, Inc.

Thermal Spray Technologies, Inc. develops and applies thermal sprayed coatings for a variety of components to provide protection from corrosion, wear and abrasion, restore and repair existing components and much more.

The material used at Thermal Spray is stainless steel or other chromium-bearing materials which produce a pollutant that is toxic to workers exposed to it at high amounts. They needed a solution that greatly improved the air quality within the plant to meet OSHA’s stricter requirements before they went into effect.

The team delivered a new 80-cartridge DustHog SFC downward flow dust collection system, improved the configuration of an existing 40-cartridge system and retrofit all of the spray booths with customized source capture hoods with ductwork to the dust extraction equipment. This created a safe and environmentally-friendly work space for the employees as well as complied with the new OSHA standards ahead of schedule. Learn more about how Thermal Spray Technologies received these results by downloading the Thermal Spray Technologies, Inc. case study here.

Case Study – K&E Plastics

K&E Plastics is a fabricator of custom plastics products for a wide range of industries, providing services such as deburring, grinding, painting, tumbling and engraving.

They needed a custom-designed dust collection system that could manage the expanded number of CNC machines of their growing business, fit within the limited available space at the facility and worked quickly to keep the production speed high.

The team engineers delivered a DustHog SFC series industrial dust collection system configured to work within the existing environment, increased efficiency and productivity and saved K&E Plastics considerable energy costs. Get the details for your self by downloading the K&E Plastics Case Study here.

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