Cyclone dust extraction system in Sacramento, CA

DustHog Cyclone Dust Collection Systems

The DustHog C Series cyclone dust collection system from Parker Hannifin is the most effective way to remove large particle contaminants from your factory.

Specifically designed to remove large to moderate-sized particles, the DustHog C Series easily manages contaminants such as chips, metal grindings and sawdust from the air. With airflow capacities ranging from 800 to 13,000 CFM, the dirty airflow jets into the cone-shaped cyclone, where it spins around, forcing contaminant particles against the walls of the unit where centrifugal force pushes the larger and heavier particles down through the bottom of the cone where they are collected in a hopper or collection drum. Clean air is pushed up through the center of the cyclone where it can be discharged into the atmosphere or into another unit for further filtration.

Features & Benefits of the DustHog C Series Cyclone

Like all other air pollution control products made by Parker Hannifin, the DustHog C Series cyclone dust collection system has best-in-class features that make it the premier dust extraction equipment on the market today. Here are a few of the features/benefits:

  • Rugged, Durable Construction – The DustHog C Series cyclone dust collector uses a durable, airtight, fully-welded construction, a powder coated finish that helps prevent fading and chalking, and a rugged TEFC motor that can handle extreme conditions and temperatures.
  • Energy Efficient – The DustHog C Series cyclone fans have been designed to deliver maximum airflow using low horsepower to conserve energy. It can also be combined with another dust extraction system such as a dust collector filer cartridge system and vent the clean air back into the factory.
  • Multiple Discharge Options – DustHog cyclone dust extraction systems have several discharge options to choose from. One option is to connect the C Series to second dust collection system to capture smaller particles before venting the air. Other options include attaching one or two 30 or 55-gallon collection drums to the unit, or a 60- or 100-foot hopper to the system to capture contaminants.
  • Many Add-Ons and Accessories – In addition to multiple industries and discharge options available for the C Series Cyclone, there are other optional accessories that can be added to the system to improve performance. Options such as silencer packages which use acoustical form in fan housings to reduce noise levels and pressure drop monitors to help determine when after-filters need to be replaced are also available.
  • Safety Features – Some processes produce dust or particles that can be explosive. The DustHog C Series Cyclone dust collector provides options to add an explosion relief vent to your configuration which minimizes damage and protects your employees in the event of an explosion. Other safety features include explosion proof motors, sprinkler heads, and starter panels with fused disconnects.

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