SmogHog Parts

Matrix Systems carry and supply a wide array of parts for the SmogHog PSG commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems, as well as other SmogHog industrial product lines.

– Matrix Systems one of the premier industrial air filter suppliers in Sacramento, CA

SmogHog Filters

Matrix Systems carries a complete line of filters for the most common SmogHog configurations. We ship these...

Smog Hog parts for door enclosures icon

Door Enclosure Parts

Matrix Systems carries a complete line of SmogHog parts for door enclosures for most models of SmogHog...

Smog Hog parts electrostatic icon

Electrostatic Parts

Electrostatic parts such as power packs, transformers, and ionizers are common parts that need to be replaced...

Smog Hog parts for automatic wash systems icon

Automatic Wash Systems Parts

Matrix Systems provides automatic wash systems parts for SmogHog industrial air filtration solutions. Simply look up the...

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