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SmogHog Mist Collectors

SmogHog is the most recognized and trusted name for effective removal of mist and smoke within the metalworking industry for over 50 years now. SmogHog offers several different mist collector designs used to manage the mist, dust and smoke created by wet metalworking processes.

SmogHog SHM Mist Collector

The SHM is the flagship mist collector product line for SmogHog. This self-contained mist collector uses a PEACH coalescing filtration media to process both smoke and metal working fluids, and can be used in many different configurations.

Other SmogHog Mist Collector Options

The SmogHog MSH and SHN series mist collectors are specifically designed to mount directly on to machining centers to capture oil mist and smoke right at the source.

Other mist collectors, such as the PSG and PSH Series, are specifically designed for central systems, and there is even a portable mist collector, the SmogHog PCN portable unit, for situations where other solutions are impractical.

Features and Benefits of SmogHog Mist Collectors

Some of the features and benefits of SmogHog Mist Collectors include:

  • Machine or Base Mount Options – SmogHog mist collectors can be mounted directly on your machining center, use a stand-alone base mount, or be mounted remotely connecting one or several machines through ducting.
  • The SHM Mist Collectors offer extensive customization options. Depending on the precise air filtration requirements you have, select distinct primary and after-filters. For primary filters, use PEACH coalescing filter cartridges or fiberglass envelope bags. For after-filters, use HEPA or ASHRAE oil mist. Add as many as six filter modules to your mist collector configuration.
  • Easy Service and Maintenance – SmogHog mist collectors are designed with service and reliable operation in mind. Tool-free filter change and simplified filter removal are just a few features that will save you time and money associated with maintenance and operation.
  • Adjustable Airflow – Mist collection applications require precise control to the air volume that flows through the system, and the SHM mist collector optimizes performance without the use of mechanical dampeners or variable frequency drives. The result: significant energy savings and less noise.
  • Precise Machine Control Technology – Monitor filter pressure drops for both primary and after filters as well as alerts when filter changes are needed. Integrate unit for remote alarms, PLCs and even Building Management Systems (BMS).

Ready to See What a SmogHog Mist Collector Can Do for You?

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