3 Things to Look for in a Smog-Hog Service Provider

Smog-Hog is the leading air pollution control system provider, serving a wide variety of functions and industries. From commercial cooking exhaust systems to industrial air solutions, Smog-Hog has a product for it. But what do you look for in a Smog-Hog service provider?

Factory Authorized

Your service provider should be factory authorized to service all Smog-Hog equipment and products. Smog-Hog factory authorized service technicians have gone through a Smog-Hog training certification program to make sure that they understand Smog-Hog equipment and parts, as well as repair and troubleshooting techniques. Smog-Hog provides a limited number of factory authorized service provider designations to specific regions.

Smog Hog Service

Your Smog-Hog service technicians should be able to provide a complete range of troubleshooting, rebuild and repair services for all of the Smog-Hog product line. They also can exchange all filtration components used in your Smog-Hog air pollution control system.

Detailed Service Documentation

An excellent Smog-Hog service provider provides detailed service documentation about the services delivered including site visit photos. The documentation provides a complete record of the services provided, as well as a written record of how the air filtration media are used and how much waste is captured by the product. These records can also identify possible needs to improve the system to handle the waste exhaust better or reveal problem areas within the air pollution control system that need to be addressed with a rebuild or repair.

Site visit photos provide a visual record that the services have been delivered and can provide evidence of problem areas within the Smog-Hog system that need to be addressed.

Environmentally Friendly

The reason air-pollution control systems are installed in the first place is to protect the environment. But if your service provider is careless when washing the components of your Smog-Hog system or wastes filtration media, it does little good. An excellent Smog-Hog service provider is careful to minimize the impact of component washing and filtration media on the environment, as well as designing systems that use as little energy and water as possible when in use.

Why Matrix Systems Should Be Your Smog-Hog Service Provider

We are the only factory authorized service provider in Northern California and we provide our exclusive factory authorized Matrix SP-7 Detergent for use in Smog-Hog automatic wash systems. Matrix provides complete service documentation as well as service visit photos upon request.

At Matrix Systems, we wash our components and recycle the waste water through a filtration process and return used carbon odor media to our supplier who heats it, treats it and recycles it to create new media. Give us a call at either (510) 822-5167 in the Bay Area or (530) 273-5474 in the Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada area, complete our online contact form, or email us at mquinlan@2mxs.com. Let us show you why Matrix Systems is the only Smog-Hog service provider that you will ever need.