4 Benefits of Using an Electrostatic Precipitator

Last month, we described–in detail–what an electrostatic precipitator was and what it is used for. This month, we will discuss some of the benefits of using an electrostatic precipitator when compared to other air pollution control methods.

1 – Reduced Operational Waste

Probably one of the biggest advantages of using an electrostatic precipitator is that all filters are washable or reclaimable. There are no filters to be thrown away and added to landfills. Since you are making an effort to reduce air pollution, doesn’t it make sense to reduce landfill waste as well?
Electrostatic precipitator from Oakland, CA

2 – Energy Efficient Design

Another advantage of an electrostatic precipitator–especially Smog Hog electrostatic precipitators–is that they use lower horsepower motors and there is no pressure rise as contaminant is collected. Again, saving resources by using less energy and less energy usage reduces your operating costs based on energy efficiency.

3 – Flexible / Modular Construction

The Smog Hog electrostatic precipitator uses multi-pass construction for increased efficiency. This allows the units to be shipped loose for field assembly, or–because of the structural steel skid assembly–the unit can be lifted by a crane into place fully assembled. Modular construction allows the duct connections to match your application and allows you to add other options and configurations on an as needed basis.

4 – Designed with Safety in Mind

Since kitchen fires are a common problem in the restaurant business, the Smog Hog electrostatic precipitator has built in fire protection, as well as ESP door interlocks and non-lethal voltage power supplies.

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