4 Reasons Why ESP Collectors Are Superior to Other Air Filtration Methods

The popularity of traditional air filtration methods using disposable air filters can be tied directly to the fact that it is easy to see it working. You pull the dirty filter out of your industrial air cleaner, and it is packed with dust, dirt, grease, and other contaminants. With electrostatic precipitator systems, this visual confirmation is a bit harder to get to, especially if you have an ESP unit with an automatic wash system option installed on it. But an ESP is superior to filter-based systems in several ways.

Air needing an ESP air pollution control system in San Francisco

1 – Electrostatic Precipitators Reduce Operating Costs

Electrostatic precipitators do not have to work as hard as air filter-based systems to pump air through your operation. For this reason, ESP units use less horsepower per CFM, which, of course, cuts your energy cost saving you money. ESP units also save energy by recirculating the clean filtered air back into the workspace.

2 – Electrostatic Precipitators Are Better for the Environment

As mentioned above, filter-based industrial air pollution control systems use more energy than ESP systems. One other significant way ESP systems are superior to filter-based systems is that you don’t have to throw out dirty filters and replace them with new ones. The electrostatic precipitator cells can easily be removed, washed, and replaced, eliminating dirty air filters from the local landfill.

3 – Electrostatic Precipitators Maintain Consistent Airflow

Electrostatic precipitators use ionized collection plates outside of the system’s airflow, keeping the air moving at the same consistent pace throughout your operation no matter how long it has been since you last cleaned your ESP plates. For filter-based industrial air cleaning systems, the air must pass through the filters to get it clean. As the filters get dirty, these particles obstruct the airflow causing the air filtration unit’s motor to work harder to push air through the system without changing the filters.

4 – Electrostatic Precipitators Handle Smoke Better

ESP-based air pollution control systems handle smoke and odor better because the ionization process can capture the tiny particles that make smoke that might pass through even the best air filters. Smoke, especially the greasy smoke from commercial kitchens, is hard to manage with air filters alone.

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