5 Benefits of Selecting a SmogHog Fume Extractor

SmogHog fume extractors or SmogHog Mist Collectors, remove harmful smoke, fumes and mist that are created as a result of industrial processes and releases the clean air after the process. These provide a lot of additional benefits that you may have never considered.

1 – Saves Cost Through Recycling

SmogHog fume extractors can save your company a lot of money by allowing you to recycle gallons of resources such as cutting oils, coolants and lubricants.


2 – Lowers Energy Costs

By cleaning and recirculating contaminated air, energy costs can be reduced by up to 80%. In addition, because SmogHog fume extractors require less horsepower for each Cubic Foor per Minute (CFM), they are quieter and more energy efficient than other units.

3 – Eliminates Waste

Instead of using disposable and expensive filter replacements, SmogHog fume extractors have reusable ESP collection components that can be cleaned and reinserted into the fume extraction system.

4 – Provides a Cleaner Work Environment

SmogHog fume extractors help meet the OSHA air quality standard by collecting hazardous contaminants, filtering them and producing clean air. Eliminating smoke and mist particles before they can settle on equipment and work surfaces keeps the workspace cleaner and safer for both workers and reduce maintenance and cleaning costs for these areas.

5 – Flexible Installation Options

SmogHog fume extractors have many different configurations and installation options that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. These include the ability to mount the fume extractor directly on the machine itself, allowing the unit to capture pollutants without a lot of extra ductwork. There are also options such as fixed hoods and extraction arms that can be attached via ductwork to a dedicated fume extractor. Other options include HEPA filtration and odor control filters to help capture additional annoying pollutants, remote status monitoring and control systems, and remote blowers.

Want to Learn More About How a SmogHog Fume Extractor Can Benefit You?

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