7 Modules Available for the SmogHog Electrostatic Precipitator

Cost-saving SmogHog electrostatic precipitator systems are number one in the market not only because of the superior electrostatic precipitator technology that makes them more than 95% efficient on mist, smoke, and dust removal but also because of its versatility provided by the wide variety of options and modules available for it.

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1 – Inlet Module

These modules are designed to provide a smooth, even flow of air to the SmogHog unit and can also incorporate options such as a diffuser, impingement, and Mist-Stop configurations.

2 – Electrostatic (ESP) Filter Module

These modules can be configured in many different heights and depths in order to meet specific airflow requirements. These can also include individual ionizer and collection cells, or a multi unicell arrangement. These can also be configured for multi-pass airflow to improve filtration efficiency.

3 – After-Filter Module

Additional filtration options after the electrostatic precipitator process provide more benefits such as odor control and HEPA filtration to capture additional pollutants.

4 – Discharge Modules

One often overlooked aspect of the electrostatic precipitator system is the discharge of the clean air. SmogHog provides discharge modules consisting of motor and blower combinations designed to maintain consistent airflow and static pressure.

5 – Pre-Filters

Pre-filters filter out large particles such as chips and flakes as well as break up droplets into smaller mist particles for easier filtration through the ESP system.

6 – Mist-Stop Filter

Some industrial processes use oils and lubricants that can often be used again. In order to recover these SmogHog has developed the ASHRAE oil mist filters to help collect and remove these oils for reuse or easy disposal.

7 – Fire Suppression Module

Some electrostatic precipitator systems, such as those used for commercial kitchen exhaust filtration, are at a higher risk of fire. The grease buildup in the range hoods and ductwork can occasionally catch on fire. For these situations, it is good to have a fire suppression module installed to put out the fire before it can cause any significant damage.

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