7 Uses for the DustHog Dust Collection System

Industrial dust collection systems appear in most manufacturing and fabrication industries in some form. They are critical for maintaining the health of both people and the environment. Here are a few of the ways these systems are used.

Factory needs dust collection system in San Francisco

1 – Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting (AKA Sandblasting) uses a variety of abrasive materials such as sand, metal shot, glass bead, plastic media, and even ice and dry-ice for several different purposes such as:

There are several DustHog dust collector solutions designed to handle the debris generated by these messy processes. Still, the DustHog V-Series, a portable, self-contained system that can be used on-site, is a good choice, as is the MCB Series.

2 – Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical production process generates dust as compounds are mixed and chemical processes take place. The DustHog V Series is a solid choice for dust and fume management for pharmaceutical production.

3 – Plasma & Laser Cutting

These processes produce fine debris, dust, and (sometimes) dangerous fumes, as they cut through materials that can range anywhere from steel, aluminum, copper, and many other metals—these processes in tasks such as automotive repairs, salvage, and scrapping operations. The Dusthog solution you choose will typically depend on the size of the job. The DustHog V series handles smaller, localized filtration jobs, and the DustHog PNP Series industrial dust collection system for bigger jobs.

4 – Plastics

Plastics produces fine dust and smoke that cause many medical conditions if it is not appropriately managed. Both DustHog V Series and SDC Series are designed to handle the waste that plastics processing produces.

5 – Powder Coating

Powder coating, the process of spraying a surface using an electrostatic gun with a special power that coats the surface electrostatically that then gets cured under heat, needs to have the excess powder removed from the air. The DustHog SFC Series of industrial dust collection systems is well-suited for this task.

6 – Sanding

Sanding is the most common process that needs to have dust managed to prevent poor air quality. Many substances can be sanded, but wood is the most common. And even though wood is a natural substance, breathing in the dust can be very harmful.  Almost any of the DustHog product lines can handle the fine dust generated by sanding processes. Still, the DustHog SFC Series and SDC Series are particularly well-suited to manage it.

7 – Welding

Welding uses filler material to bond two pieces of metal or thermoplastics and produces smoke containing particles of dangerous oxides. Smaller particles are more dangerous because they can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Other dangers include fumes and gases, some of which may contain heavy metals. These can be dangerous even at low levels of exposure. This is why a dust, smoke, and fume management system such as a DustHog industrial dust collection system is critical for anyone who picks up a welding torch. Fortunately, most of the DustHog product lines can filter the residue created by the welding process.

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