Accommodating Any Air Volume Resolves Complex Emissions

When it comes to industrial emissions problems, there is no individual air cleaning method that can control them all. Due to this fact, our team here at Matrix Systems has provided consultations to install the SmogHog PSH Series. It is the industry-leading mist collector in Oakland.

Custom Mist Collector For Emission Control California

The SmogHog PSH Series is a modular system that can be custom-built to various sizes depending on the specific needs of your company.

Key considerations include the application needs you will use it for and the required dimensions. You can install these units inside or outside of your facility. They utilize various filtering processes that precondition and clean highly polluted airstreams.

With these points taken into consideration, it is now time to look at the various applications for the SmogHog PSH Series.

Applications for the SmogHog PSH Series

The SmogHog PSH Series collects particulate and organic vapors generated by heat. The units are an ideal choice for companies that require a solution for strict emissions that is custom engineered. The system is appropriate for industrial cooking, manufacturing, asphalt, rubber, and textiles emissions.

Customized to Your Companys Needs

You can configure the SmogHog PSH Series to individual industrial customer needs. It offers the type of flexibility needed to accommodate any building parameter or air volume required. This includes situations where traditional configurations are not practical for exhaust. Before recommending a unit, our experts at Matrix Systems will perform an evaluation of your plant that focuses on heat recovery, precooling, and odor control, among other areas of focus. From there, we can recommend a SmogHog PSH system that will fit your specific needs.

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