Adding a Kitchen Exhaust System to an Existing Structure

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System in California

If you are a building owner or a real estate developer, you understand how much value you can add by putting in a restaurant. At the same time, there are many environmental challenges you must face due to the greasy odors and smoke that commercial kitchens generate.

The good news is that there is help available for meeting these challenges and solving them. At Matrix Systems, we offer the top system for commercial kitchen exhaust filtration in Sacramento. Continue reading to learn more about why placement restrictions are a thing of the past. That is when you choose our SmogHog PSG Series for all of your needs for commercial kitchen exhaust systems in Sacramento.

It Is Not a Problem If You Do Not Have an Existing System

When you choose the SmogHog system, adding a commercial kitchen to your existing structure is easy while tackling critical environmental issues. The design of the system and its flexibility of application makes it easy to install a commercial kitchen into virtually any type of space that you have available.

Save Money With Minimal Ducting

The minimum amount of ducting that the SmogHog system requires is a big money saver for you. You will not have to spend money on expensive ducting runs and can effectively take on hazardous emissions that result from a commercial kitchen. The wide range of sizes and configurations available means a SmogHog solution for any space there.

The Advantage of SmogHog Commercial Cooking Exhaust Systems

Our line of SmogHog PSG commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems are designed to work in any size commercial restaurant. We can add an exhaust system even without ductwork for any size kitchen area.

Get Your Consultation for Industry-Leading Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration

Here at Matrix Systems, our team is excited about the opportunity to offer you a consultation for the best kitchen exhaust systems commercial in Sacramento. You can get the answers to all of your questions by giving us a call today. If you are in the Bay Area, just call us at (510) 822-5167. Customers in the Sacramento Valley or the Northern Nevada region can reach us by calling (530) 273-5474. You can also email us at or message us through our website’s convenient online contact form.