Advanced Electrostatic Precipitators for Industrial Air Filtration

Clean air in industrial settings is crucial for the health and safety of employees and compliance with environmental regulations. Matrix Systems offers advanced electrostatic precipitators for industrial air filtration using SmogHog equipment from Parker Hannifin. With our Matrix Systems, we can provide tailored solutions to improve air quality and reduce airborne contaminants in your facility. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of electrostatic precipitators and how SmogHog equipment can enhance your factory’s air filtration process.

The Power of Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators are cutting-edge air filtration devices that effectively remove airborne contaminants, such as dust, fumes, and smoke, from the air in industrial environments. By generating an electric field, these systems charge and capture particles, resulting in cleaner and safer air for your employees. Some key benefits of electrostatic precipitators include:

SmogHog Equipment: The Leader in Electrostatic Precipitators

Parker Hannifin’s SmogHog equipment is a trusted name in the field of industrial air filtration, providing high-quality electrostatic precipitators for various applications. SmogHog equipment includes:

Matrix Systems: Custom Air Filtration Solutions with SmogHog Equipment

At Matrix Systems, we understand that each factory has unique air filtration requirements. That’s why we offer Matrix Systems, which combine SmogHog equipment and other necessary components to create a comprehensive solution tailored to your facility. Our Matrix Systems can include:

Breathe Easy with SmogHog Equipment and Matrix Systems

Advanced electrostatic precipitators are an excellent choice for industrial air filtration. Contact us in the Bay Area at (510) 822-5167 for support in choosing the right mist collection system for your facility and industry. Contact our Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada offices at (530) 273-5474. You can also email us at or message us through our online contact form.